Visage & Phasmophobia meets Evolve/Dead by Daylight.


First Person Multiplayer Horror Game for 4-5 players One player plays as Poltergeist while others are known as Survivors.


Story takes place in a town called Chandler’s Creek in US, Maine.

Town is filled with strange phenomenas which no one can explain.
A malevolent spirit has awoken and is wreaking havoc and terror.
Team of four, experienced in paranormal activities have been tasked to investigate what is happening in Chandler’s Creek and help spirits which are in the reach of aid.



A malevolent entity, also known as Poltergeist is haunting Chandler’s Creek and making other spirit restless. Human players, also known as Survivors, need to investigate playable area and figure out why spirits are trapped and how to help them continue on their journey so they are able to rest in peace. Poltergeist must stop Survivors either by possessing or killing them.

Survivors must not confront Poltergeist and need to evade Poltergeist at all costs.

One game sessions lasts six hours in game time, one hour in game world is 10 minutes in real world time so that means one game session is 1 hour. Sessions rarely takes 1 hour because of game objectives.


Survivors are humans with extraordinary abilities and gadgets.




Paranormal Occurrences

Stamina & Exhausted

Soul Weakness

Find clues & Key items

Tools of trade


Poltergeist is a spirit responsible for mysterious events at Chandler’s Creek. Hostile, aggressive presence who seeks to wreak fear at Chandler’s Creek and consume weak souls.



Tools of trade

Soul Trace & Ectoplasm

Survivors can’t see Poltergeist and Poltergeist can’t see Survivors. Only when Poltergeist manifests then both can see each other. All other time teams can see each other indirectly through Soul Trace and Ectoplasm mechanics.


Voip plays huge role in Poltergeist. Poltergeist player can hear Survivor players voip distorted/unclear. When Survivor dies, survivor will spawn as a friendly ghost who can help still alive Survivors. Ghost can communicate with survivors through various gadgets and can help survivors by disarming traps laid by Poltergeist player. Ghost players can see Poltergeist at all times.

True horror

Game plays as true horror game for Survivors. Environment around them will change depending of their Sanity, Soul Weakness and Poltergeist actions. Survivor players will face horror elements like:

Spirit World

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